Mandela Effect – A Lucious Single IPA We Adore


The evolving preferences of the modern beer drinker have led many breweries to lean heavily on frequent production of new beers rather than focusing on the same eight or ten lifetime favorites. And while you may see beers from the past make appearances once in a while at these breweries, the emphasis on “new” is far more alluring to the average Untappd user.

New doesn’t always equal good, but in the case of Barebottle Brewing Company’s Mandela Effect, it certainly does. Mandela Effect stands out from Barebottle’s brand of hazy IPA with its excellent balance of Nelson Sauvin hops, which usually contribute a strong, dank profile to beer. In this case though, the Nelson’s pine characteristics are balanced against supporting hop players Citra, Mosaic, and Galaxy. The diesel notes of the Nelson Sauvin are tame, bringing out instead a light citrus along with green grape held together by a luscious texture usually only found in lactose, oat cream or double IPA beers. Though it has a thicker texture, it doesn’t have the overwhelming creaminess commonly associated with lactose or oat cream beers, which many enthusiasts can tire of easily.

Mandela Effect, far left, among a tasting flight of Barebottle’s 3rd Anniversary special release beers.

This is a surprisingly full-bodied single IPA, with many characteristics we expect to find only in Double New England IPAs. But instead of being twice the alcohol and with the associated sweetness they can bring, Mandela Effect remains pleasantly easy to drink with a nice, lightly bitter backbone as you finish each sip.

Mandela Effect is one of our favorite single IPAs out of not only Barebottle, but the entire Bay Area in quite some time. You can try Mandela Effect yourself exclusively at the Barebottle taproom or through BottleHop delivery. Unlike other Barebottle cans, this one won’t be available at your local liquor store or Whole Foods and has a very limited can run. Try it while you can!